Black Dragon®

black dragon

What is Black Dragon® ?

Black Dragon® is a symbol created, and registered under CYNIUS name, with the purpose of giving hope to cyberspace and combatting cyber threats, whatever it takes.

The backstory is quite long, but the thing is the founders of the symbol are ethical hackers and cybersecurity practitioners who have witnessed repetitions of innocence, with little to no knowledge in cybersecurity, struggling with cybercrime being committed upon them and do not know really what to do.

Today, the symbol is a designation of individuals who have proven their skillsets and contribution to the safety of cyberspace. These individuals are authorized to hold and wear Black Dragon® pin badge publicly. So you can easily identify them.

Reach them here. Currently, Black Dragon speaks Thai and English.


Why Black & Dragon ?

Coolness is just a byproduct of the design of the symbol. The real meaning is:

  • “Black”
    • Represents cyberspace.
  • “Modernized Chinese Dragon”
    • Represents intelligence, goodness, power and determination.
  • “Shield”
    • Represents protection and safeguard.

Relationship between CYNIUS and Black Dragon®

The Black Dragon® was founded by literally a group of individuals with the same purpose, CYNIUS founders are one of them.

But you do not need to have any relationship with CYNIUS to be authorized to use the symbol.

Currently, the proven skillsets and contribution to the safety of cyberspace is what it takes to gain the current members’ consideration.

Yes, the consideration from the current members is needed. Seriously, we cannot just let anyone in if we determine to maintain our purpose and quality of the community.

As you might have expected, CYNIUS’ services are delivered by the member of Black Dragon®.

Black Dragon® Authorized Members

Click here to see the list.

And, yes, you can talk to them.