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CYNIUS offers professional cybersecurity services on a LIMITED volume basis due to our intensive approach to achieve target outcomes of each project or assessment.

All of our services are provided by top practitioners whose job is to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. So, be expecting a significant lead time required for us to be understanding each other. And when the work started, we will not take it easy on you.

If it be determined that we are not the right fit, CYNIUS will be upfront and not waste our time.

Click below to see our services in detail and what to be expecting.

CYNIUS - Pentest service

Penetration Test / Cyber Attack & Defense Simulation

CYNIUS - Assessment service

Data Protection & Security Governance

CYNIUS - DFIR service

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

CYNIUS - Social Engineering simulation

Social Engineering Simulation

CYNIUS - Assurance service

Audit & Assurance

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