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This service group helps top management, from senior manager role to C-Suite and Board of Director, as well as the first line of defense (Operational roles) and second line of defense (Risk Management and Compliance roles) achieve their goals in balancing between advancing their businesses, fending off threats and complying with laws and regulations regarding Information Security and Data/Privacy Protection.

Our Approach

Our approach is derived from industry accepted frameworks and standards, but that alone is not enough. When combining the aforementioned elements with CYNIUS experience and deep understanding about information security, cyber resiliency and data protection practice, CYNIUS can be your powerful partner whether you are facing customers, business partners, shareholders or attackers.

Information Security, Cyber Resiliency, Data Protection, Security Governance, การคุ้มครองข้อมูลส่วนบุคคล

Dealing with security, resiliency and data governance challenges require not only proper frameworks and standards selection (or enforcement). Those must be tailored to SPECIFICALLY fit YOUR ORGANIZATION, not just your industry. And we are more than good at that. See it for yourself, contact us.

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