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What you need to understand first about penetration test service, especially from CYNIUS, is it has 2 primary goals.

First is to ASSESS your cyber-systems for associated attack paths so that you can strategically response to threats associated with each path. You can incorporate the result into your Cyber Risk Assessment process.

Secondly, after any control or remediation effort has been implemented, the service can ASSURE your solutions are effective, therefore compliance with your chosen or regulatory body is achieved.

Our service is the simulation of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) level. The service does not tie to scanning tools and requires testers’ cutting-edge and out-of-the-box methodology that properly models cyber-threat against your business.

If you are looking for merely a checklist assessment or a vendor that would just handed you a tool-scanned report and call it a “Pentest Report” then we are not the right fit. We do not provide such solution for you.

Our Approach

Edge, expertise, experience and hacker mindset are believe to be essential for a penetration tester. While we, as a team, possess all that qualities, they are not what gets the job done as a penetration tester (Pentester).

Pentesters face limitations real threat actors do not, may it be time or money (you do not plan to spend infinite money on a pentest project, do you?). So we channel our inner hackers through processes derived from industry accepted methodologies to achieve assessment and assurance outcomes in the most efficient way possible.

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Our Team

Black Dragon Team® members are providing penetration test service. You might want to check them out, they’re cool. The point is that you are going to work with the team that dedicate themselves to cyberspace with proven skillset, experience and determination.

Moreover, our position in the industry is to be the trusted advisor that guide our clients (partners) through the darkness of cyberspace.

Ready to be the chosen one and win the cybersecurity arena?